About Us

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Gesell Institute of Child Development is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Our mission is to promote the principles of child development as the basis for all decision making about young children.

Our work is based on the original work  of Dr. Arnold Gesell (1880-1961).  The Institute has been a leader in understanding how children learn and grow since 1950.

Gesell programspublications, and research help parents, educators, psychologists, social workers, and medical professionals worldwide in becoming familiar with the ages and stages of childhood.

Understanding stages of child growth and development and using this knowledge to interpret behaviors, plan appropriate curricula, and manage the classroom are essential to quality teaching practices. Such understanding is also integral to quality parenting, and in implementing best practices in all professions working with children.

Gesell  Institute does not set policy or provide recommendations surrounding issues of retention, placement or readiness “scores” in association with the GDO-R.

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