We are excited to begin working on this on-line library of articles and other published resources on child development, developmental theory, and the work of Arnold Gesell. Please note that these resources are not all published by Gesell Institute, but rather consist of a number of related articles from various sources. Some are provided for information and educational value, while others are presented for historical purposes.

As we work to add more resources, please refer to our Annotated Bibliography of resources that could not all be provided here due to concerns over copyright and reprint permissions. Please contact us to submit requests for additional links or to comment on any of our current resources.

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A Fresh View of Children: Lessons from the Developmental Debates
By Pat Dickinson in Canadian Children, Fall 2007

A New Title I: From a ‘Hodgepodge of Efforts’ to a Targeted K-3 Program 
By Edward Zigler in Education Week, February 2009

Daily School Recess Improves Classroom Behavior 
ScienceDaily, January 2009

Data link exam success to birth date 
By Simon Briscoe and David Turner in The Financial Times, October 2007

Fels Mental Age Values for Gesell Schedules 
By Virginia Nelson and T.W. Richards in Child Development, September 1940

The Goldilocks Dilemma: When is the ‘right time’ to start kindergarten?
By Marcy Guddemi and Crista Marchesseault in SEEN Magazine, Fall 2009

The Ready School 
By Gerald Bracey in School Administrator, October 2005

What is School Readiness?
Adapted from the Washington School Readiness Summit Information Packet, November 2004