Gesell Early Screener

The Gesell Early Screener (GES) is a screening instrument that assists parents, educators, and other professionals to quickly determine a child’s Performance Level Rating (Age Appropriate, Emerging, or Concern) in four domains of development: Cognitive, Language, Motor, and Social/Emotional/Adaptive Skills. The GES can be reliably administered by persons with varying levels of experience in less than 20 minutes. GES strand scores “flag” any child who may benefit from further diagnostic evaluation.  It does not, however, assign a Developmental Age as its complementary assessment the GDO-R does.

The GES consists of an Examiner’s Manual, a Child Recording Form (CRF-S), a set of manipulatives, Teacher and Parent/Guardian Questionnaires, and an auto-calculating version of the GES Strand Scoring Worksheet. 

ges strands

The GES is validated by 2011 psychometric data and meets the government mandates for initial screening of a child 3-6 years old.

While the GES requires no specialized training, we do recommend that examiners attend Day 1 of a GDO-R 2.5-6-Year Old Workshop or Webinar for an enhanced understanding of the ages and stages of child development.  

Gesell Institute recommends best practices for assessment of very young children when using the GES.