All of Gesell Institute’s professional development programs can be tailored to the needs of your group, whether that be through a full, half-day, or 90 minute live seminar or as a 90 minute webinar.  Districts and schools are continually challenged to find substantive ways to meet the in-service needs of teachers and adequately answer family informational needs.  Hospitals and medical training institutions need refreshers in the ages and stages of child development for their pediatricians. Gesell Institute can provide the professional development training  you need as well as meaningful parent programs, presented by the highly trained and experienced National Lecture Staff.



Sample seminar topics include:

Pretend Play and Brain Growth

Pretend play is a universal aspect of childhood. What exactly is play? Are there types of play? How brain development and ultimately learning impacted by play? This seminar unpacks the latest science on the relationship between play and the brain.

See sample content here.

Ages and Stages of Development: Understanding Children’s Growth, Learning and Behavior from 2 ½ to 9 years

Participants learn fundamental knowledge about the ages and stages of child growth and development. By exploring how each child has a unique developmental profile, curriculum can be customized for optimal learning outcomes. This seminar will prepare educators to design and implement differentiated strategies for children of varying developmental levels in their classroom.


The Outdoor Classroom

We feel it to be true, but what does research tell us about why the outdoors is good for child development and learning, and how can we enhance the outdoor experience beyond free play? The outdoors can become an ideal learning environment when teachers and parents have the strategies to create experiences that enhance development and growth in all domains with tools available right at their back door; literally! This seminar is designed to help you create a developmentally appropriate early childhood outdoor classroom.



  • Full Day Seminar:   $2,200 plus NLS travel costs
  • Half Day Seminar: $1,500 plus NLS travel costs
  • 90 minute Seminar:  $500 plus NLS travel costs


Additional options:

Schedule a seminar in tandem (“piggy-backing” on) with  a workshop already scheduled in your area, and receive a discount.

Customized topics are available upon request.  The length of the program determines the depth of the content presented to your audience and your personalized needs.


To Schedule a Seminar:

Please call us at 1-800-369-7709 x701 or email Erin Akers, Director of Education and Development  to set up a seminar for your group.