GDO-R Private Administration

Private Administration of Gesell Developmental Observation (GDO-R)

The GDO-R is a performance-based, criterion referenced standardized set of procedures that measures a child’s behavior and development through direct observation and through surveying parents.

During the child assessment, a sampling of behaviors from various areas of development are observed and then matched with normative patterns of behavior established for each developmental level. In addition to direct responses to the various tasks, the examiner also considers the child’s processes, organization, overt behavior, and verbalizations in order to determine a child’s overall Developmental Age relative to chronological age.

The GDO-R should only be administered by a qualified examiner and is only applicable for children ages 2  ½ – 9 years of age.

Parents or guardians complete the Parent / Guardian Questionnaire (also available in Spanish).  The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes and is then followed by a detailed final report on the developmental stage of the assessed child that is suitable for submission to school administrators, pediatricians, psychologists and other professionals working with young children.  Follow up consultations can be arranged for an additional fee.


Ways to schedule a private administration:


Individual Families:

Option One: Coordinate an assessment with a scheduled Workshop. We have workshops scheduled across the country at various times throughout the year. Our National Lecture Staff member will administer the assessment and consultation, at the site of our workshop.
Fee: $300

Option Two: Reserve a time to bring your child to the Gesell Institute in New Haven, CT for scheduled assessment days. Email Erin Akers, NLS Director, at for available dates and times.
Fee: $300

Option Three: Schedule a Qualified Examiner to come to your location to administer the assessment.
Fee: $495 plus travel costs of the examiner



Schools & Early Education Centers:

Schedule a Qualified Examiner to come to your location to administer the assessment to your group. Reduced per child fees are available.
Fee: $TBD plus travel costs of the examiner



Please call to inquire (telephone 203-777-3481 or 800-369-7709), or email Erin Akers, NLS Director, at